Monday, January 23, 2012

Yoga in the Art Gallery of Ontario

When Debbie, Sally, and I visited Toronto in the early 1980s, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) blew me away.  The vast gallery on the second floor that held the mammoth Henry Moore sculptures was overpowering, and I could look in there only for short periods.  Art museums have that effect on me, and that's why this article from the Toronto Star is so exciting.  AGO now is offering yoga in this gallery.  People, including some AGO staff, come early in the morning and practice among the larger than life figures as the sun rises.  No music, no hot rooms--just yoga practitioners and their individual mats.

When I first saw the city of Toronto, I fell in love with it.  The individual neighborhoods with their unique markets, the subway, the people--it was all so charming and civilized!!  And best of all was the AGO.  I saw my first Breughel paintings here, and of course, the Henry Moore sculptures.  I've always wanted to live here, too.  It feels welcoming to human beings, and it's not that far away.  My favorite Canadian writer for years was Robertson Davies, and he was Master of Massey College at the University of Toronto.  One of his most delightful books is High Spirits, a collection of ghost stories that he wrote himself for the Master's traditional address to the members of Massey College at its Christmas dinner.  They seem so plausible in this humane, vibrant city.  Toronto feels as if it's haunted by creative spirits.


  1. I like Toronto, too!!! It's an interesting city!

  2. Lucky you to live so close by, comparatively!! :)

  3. .... so when are you coming to visit?

  4. Can only agree about Toronto. I love it and get to visit far too often. Husband and I have discussing a trip for pleasure, not business, sometime in the near future. And the AGO! I LOVE the AGO!

    Glad you got to experience it!

  5. Shammy: After the weather warms up, I have a couple of far-flung family events to attend (wedding in Scotland, memorial service-picnic in MN--both in the same month!), but then I shall see what I can do to get to Toronto before it all freezes up again. One used to be able to take the train from these parts right INTO underground Toronto and get off at the hotel entrance! Goddess knows it that's still possible. When is the film festival? I suppose you get enough theatrics, but don't you live very close??

    Ronnie: Does the AGO still have that old house exhibit down in the back? My god, I loved that museum! Best one ever, if you ask me, although I do adore all those glass pyramids by the Louvre. Still....I hope next time I get there, you won't have scarpered off to Qbert. Maybe we could convene over a bucket of poutine and shout at each other over the background noise!!

  6. I went to the AGO just before Xmas to see the Chagall exhibit. Scroll down on my blog to see the post.
    Yes the Grange is still behind the AGO, I haven't been there for years, maybe it's time for another visit.
    Let me know when you want to come to stay.... I live a bit out of TO but it's only a $7 return bus/train ride away!
    Perhaps Ronnie will be in TO too.

  7. Film festival is in September I think. Or maybe October....


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